Saturday, March 24, 2012

Here Kitty Kitty......

Unseasonable weather has lead P.A's to some great March Madness. March Madness just aint for basketball I guess. So The last few outing had me seeing some pike and hookin a few to boot. Natural colored patterns and a slow retrieve on a 10 wt rio intermediate is my set up. The flies Iv'e been chuckin have been anywhere from 6-9 inches long. Learn how to tie a Lefty's deceiver and put faith in it ....they work. Another sure bet is Barry's bunny bug , however you enjoy tying it. My favorite colors in that at black , chartreuse and all white and the ever famous red and white. I do a twin tail souped up version with has a jigging fluttering action that is hard to resist to Mike. Ina cold front now so will be hittin the pond later this week to scope the shallows by my house. Get in the back attention to the wind direction and water temps. Wind pushing into a shallow mucky bay in spring usually is your best starting point folks. If not target the deep outside edge of the bay.....Mike will be around. Tight Lines!!

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